About us

We design and manufacture ultraviolet (UV) disinfection systems for municipal drinking water and wastewater treatment plants worldwide. Since our founding in 1972 we’ve been a pioneer in UV science and technology, providing UV systems with a reputation for technical innovation, quality and service.

Our UV systems are the result of continuous investment in R&D and partnerships with universities and industry. In addition to water and wastewater treatment we also manufacture specialist UV insect extermination systems for industrial catering and food service facilities. Our head office is in Nuenen, The Netherlands. We have regional offices in the US and China and a worldwide network of channel partners.

Vision & Mission

Water is under constant pressure: pressure from population growth, pressure from industry, pressure from pollution. Readily available, high quality water is essential for societies to function. Our mission is simple: to provide clean, safe drinking water and to ensure wastewater is suitable for discharge into rivers and seas. Our R&D expertise ensures customers always get the best available technology.


  • Development of medium pressure lamp technology
  • A Halma company since 1986
  • Inventor of the “Inline” reactor concept (1995)
  • Over 12,000 UV reactors worldwide

Values & Philosophy

  • Sustainable
  • Honest and responsible
  • Focus on people
  • Ambitious

Certifications & Validations

We aim to deliver outstanding customer satisfaction by supplying products that are designed “fit for purpose” – providing you with the highest form of security to comply with regulations and supply safe water and wastewater for people and the environment.

This disinfection security is provided by a vast range of products that have been validated according to world leading regulations such as DVGW, USEPA, NWRI, O-Norm, and JWRC and independently tested by third party institutes.

This “Proven Performance” based on real-time test data, allows us to provide very cost effective, guaranteed performance for non-validated applications.


We’re committed to constant improvement as a global business and to develop a challenging and supportive internal culture.

Motivated, committed and high-performing people are essential to our success. We really value our employees and strive to cultivate their talents, helping them become essential contributors  to the development of our company and our products.

Within Berson you’ll find people with all sorts of skills and backgrounds, from Research & Development, Engineering and Manufacturing to Marketing, Sales, Finance, Procurement, Logistics and Customer Services. They are people with diverse educational backgrounds, work experiences and personal interests, but who all share a passion for their work and the business. Our people accept responsibility for their own actions and results. At the same time, we actively support and challenge our employees, cultivating a culture of openness, fairness and directness and encouraging professional development at all levels.

Our core values are reflected in the way we do business, which emphasize respect, integrity, ownership and leadership.

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