Security and performance verification

Berson’s UV systems are validated in accordance with the most stringent third party environmental protection agencies, including DVGW, USEPA, JWRC, NWRI and NSF. In the case of the most internationally accepted regulations – DVGW and USEPA – our systems are validated under challenging hydraulic conditions.

Third party validations

We aim to deliver outstanding customer satisfaction by supplying products that are designed ‘fit for purpose’, providing you with the highest form of security to comply with regulations and supply safe water and wastewater. This disinfection security is provided by a vast range of products that have been validated according to world leading regulations such as DVGW, USEPA, NWRI, O-Norm, and JWRC and independently tested by third party institutes.
This ‘Proven Performance, based on real-time test data, allows us to provide very cost effective, guaranteed performance for non-validated applications.

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