Transmittance monitor for UVC light

sense-t_smallWhen operating a UV reactor, it is important to monitor the UV transmittance, continuously online, or with a portable device. Changes in UV transmittance are important; on the one side for reducing the amount of energy as with a reduced UV transmittance the intensity could be reduced still achieving the required UV dose, on the other side to increase power when the UV transmittance is higher than the default value.

Conventional UV transmittance devices often operate with an internal fluid transportation system, leading the liquid to be measured past a mercury based lamp. Due to humidity, fouling and lamp aging there is high maintenance, risk of malfunctions and variability of readings.

The new Berson Sense operates with a patent-pending UV-C LED light source that has a very long life time. The water is measured directly Inline, without the need to transport water away from the main stream. The water sample to be measured is taken for measurement without any light getting into the measurement area from the outside or LED UVC escaping from inside the measuring chamber.
The Berson Sense can be installed just before or after any UV reactor Inline, for closed vessel or open channel solutions. A handheld version is available as well.

Technical Specs:

  • Output: 4 – 20MA
  • Wavelength: 254nm at 1cm
  • Accuracy +/- 1,0%
  • Temperature 0 – 50 degrees centigrade
  • UV range: 10 – 100%

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