bersonInLine® range

Figure – Inline reactor

As the term “InLine”  implies, these reactors can fit in a linear pipe without requiring off setting of the inlet and outlet pipes.

The UV lamps and sleeves are positioned perpendicular to the flow, guaranteeing more turbulence and a greater chance of micro organisms in the water being exposed to UV.

The bersonInLine® uses bersonMultiWave® lamps combining a wide spectrum of germicidal UV wavelengths with a very high energy output. This combination causes total and permanent deactivation of micro organisms and avoids ‘photoreactivation’ (self repair of micro organisms) which can happen when single wavelength lamps are used. While low pressure lamps damage the DNA as a result of absorption of the monochromatic (254nm) UV wavelength, it has been shown that the damaged microbes can repair themselves when exposed to natural light.

bersonMultiWave® lamps, with their broadband polychromatic spectrum, not only damage the DNA but also other biomolecules, some of which are involved in DNA repair.

The compact size and high energy output of bersonMultiWave® lamps also reduce the size of the irradiation chamber and the quantity of lamps needed. The InLine construction also results in a very low headloss and small footprint compared to other medium and low pressure UV systems.

Berson InLine+ range

The InLine+ series is designed using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling which makes it possible to predict the three dimensional behaviour of each fluid particle in the reactor and pipeline. As a result, Berson can guarantee the amount of UV radiation each particle is exposed to and the log reduction, based on the different UV dose response of the microorganisms in question.

cfd-image-inline-plusFigure – CFD image of an InLine+ reactor equipped with special baffles and perpendicular UV lamps to create optimal exposure to UV-C radiation


Our latest generation of SUMMIT lamps are more efficient than earlier UV lamps and a have a longer life when combined with our power control system. SUMMIT lamps have a higher output and longer life than previous lamps – up to 12,000 hours compared to 10,000 hours or less with the old type ‘stepped’ power controller.


The Cyclops UV system has a single ended design, making it operator friendly and easy to maintain without tools. Changing a UV lamp takes just two minutes; replacing a quartz tube only takes five minutes; while replacing the entire interior (including the wiper) can be completed in only 15 minutes.

Instead of using screws, all connections use snap connectors, while high pressure wing nuts replace conventional nuts, allowing hand tightening. Both of these features simplify and dramatically speed up routine maintenance. In addition, the wiper is not fitted with a magnet, which prevents iron accumulation. Instead, the wiper has a position indicator sensor mounted on the outside.

cyclops-uvFigure – The Cyclops UV disinfection system

The Cyclops also has a small footprint and can be installed in places with very limited access; it also allows single sided access with a slide opening hatch, ideal when frequent cleaning of the quartz sleeves is necessary. Maintenance and cleaning can therefore be carried out in a fraction of the time normally required.

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