In wastewater treatment or re-use applications such as irrigation, an open channel UV system may be the ideal solution, especially where there are existing open channels or low gravity flow conditions.

Berson’s OpenLine open channel systems are available as full-scale modular systems or as bespoke-engineered, plug and play units. Both are built into their own stainless steel channel.

Designed for smaller wastewater flows, the modular OpenLine unit is ideal for smaller wastewater plants and is supplied as a complete unit for quick installation and commissioning. This design uses a rugged stainless steel modular tank concept with flanged connections and pneumatically driven quartz sleeve wiping system all controlled via a human-machine interface (HMI) panel/view touchscreen. Engineered to meet the needs of small waste water outfalls (2 x 160m3/hr) It is easy to install and operate with minimal head and a small footprint. Connection to the standard inlet/outlet and power supply is all that is needed to start disinfection of wastewater or reuse water.


The larger unit is for larger flows and can be tailored the specific requirements of the open channel in question. It is installed into concrete channels to suit specific outflows from a number of wastewater plants such as primary, secondary and tertiary treatment systems, combined sewer outflows (CSOs) , lagoons and reuse applications , aquifer recharge or irrigation.

It can work with single or multiple channels with single or multiple reactors, ensuring complete disinfection to the highest standards. Berson’s design incorporates many useful features, including energy-efficient electronic ballasts, automated mechanical or chemical sleeve cleaning systems with electronic monitoring, data collection and auto or manual control technology.

Berson provides the channel design, lamps, stainless steel support racks, power distribution panels, interconnecting cables and associated monitors/controls.

The system uses sophisticated energy control to optimise energy use with power from 50% to 100% of available power and provides UV lamp life up to 14,000 hours from the highest low pressure, high output (LPHO) UV lamp outputs currently available.

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