Pin to wire connection mod kit

Pin to wire connection modification kit. A UV-C Lamp is included.

Part number Old number Description
ASSM-REPK.B400V01 OMB*B400-B410 Modification kit B400 to B410
ASSM-REPK.B2020V01 H2.43.156*1 Modification kit B2020 to B2020H
ASSM-REPK.B1220V01 H2.43.158*1 Modification kit B1220 to B1220H
ASSM-REPK.B3535V01 H2.43.190*1 Modification kit B3535 to B3535H
ASSM-REPK.B3570V01 H2.43.188*1 Modification kit B4000 to B3570H
ASSM-REPK.B5050V01 H2.43.185*1 Modification kit B5050 to B5050H
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