Drinking water solutions

Water is life, a precious commodity. With the world’s population increasing, so does the pressure and demand for clean, safe drinking water. We’re fast approaching the point where natural water resources are running out. We may already be at that point. Water is needed by every single person on this planet for survival; it’s also essential for every industry and business globally. As economies develop, demand for water is growing at an ever-increasing pace, putting even greater strain on existing resources – this is exacerbated by changing weather patterns.

All these factors increase the need for better and more efficient drinking water treatment processes and technologies. Providing high quality drinking water in the right place at the right time, whether from natural springs, boreholes or surface water sources, has never been more important.

UV is a long-established technology for disinfecting drinking water – it was first used in 1910. Today, it is very advanced and meets the strict requirements and regulations of international and local bodies for validated and efficient UV systems. Modern UV technology is an ideal addition to process engineers’ multi-barrier tool box. It removes the health threat from water-borne pathogens without creating the toxic disinfection by-products produced when chlorine is used for drinking water disinfection.

From the E.coli bacteria to the Cryptosporidium protozoa and Adenovirus, UV provides effective treatment, ensuring the complete inactivation of these pathogens and safe drinking water.

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