Oil & Gas solutions

We also provide UV systems for treating injection water in oil and gas field recovery. Applications include disinfection, advanced oxidation for the removal of organic (micro) contaminants, removal of sulphate-reducing bacteria (SRB), replacing biocides in injection water (for example in fracking) and preventing corrosion and fouling of equipment.

In an oil field, problems associated with bacterial growth include bio-fouling, plugging, corrosion of tanks and piping and the destruction of chemicals used to enhance the production of oil and gas. More serious, longer-term problems come in the form of SRB which reduce sulphate ions to sulphide which, in the presence of iron or steel, can lead to corrosion and reduced productivity. SRBs are also a health hazard in the form of hydrogen sulphide (H2S).

While these particular bacteria are not a problem in service chemicals, they may lead to contamination in the wellbore or the producing formation, leading to ‘sour gas’ or corrosion and potential plugging by precipitating iron sulphide (FeS).

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