Wastewater solutions

The increased demand for drinking and industrial process water also puts increased pressure on wastewater treatment plants. 

Many traditional wastewater treatment plants pump their treated effluent into watercourses, canals, rivers, estuaries and the sea. In many parts of the world there is little or no regulation of  these discharges. However, a growing number of countries now have legislation policed by industry regulators to ensure their water and wastewater utilities ensure effective treatment of these discharges to ensure watercourses and seas are not polluted and to protect bathers, aquaculture facilities, for example.

These wastewater treatment processes require better, more efficient and less chemical-intensive disinfection technologies. Many countries still use chlorine, but the more we learn about the impact of chlorine and its by-products on marine life, more and more utilities are now switching from chlorine disinfection to UV disinfection, which is much more environmentally friendly and has no adverse effect on aquatic or marine life.

For wastewater applications we offer a wide range of both closed-vessel or open channel UV systems, treating waste water flows from 10s of litres to 1000s of m³/hour.

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